Owners’ Benefits


Valley21 is a unique project in Romania developed for people who are sharing the same values. The houses follow the natural line of the land in order to maintain the perception of the landscape consistent as if outside, but without giving up the comfort of a unique house.

Valley 21 is a shared space with a community of people having the same vision, no matter if they wish to stay in their homes with their families or to be part of a community of owners to spend time together or share common governance over the space of their own heaven.

The buyer is part of the new generation with a different understanding of belonging to a community. Unlike the individualist approach that has dominated the world more and more during the last decades, the beneficiary of the project Valley21 has a sense of shared responsibility within the society they live in, within the family they foster and love.

Valley 21 is the symbolic connection between the frantic 21st century life and the essence of life in a pastoral community rooted in pristine undisturbed nature. You can experience the cosmopolite air of Brasov, a city with a very rich history, and soon after that you can be in the middle of nature as part of a community such as Vama Buzaului that survived centuries of changes and preserved traditional values which disappeared in other regions.

The residential eco-complex Valley 21 gives luxury a new meaning. Everything is designed so as nothing lacks from the comfort the inhabitants of the holiday houses are used to in their day to day life, but still they get something more: an incredible view, serenity and peace.

Valley21 homeowners shall get property maintenance and management services, maintenance services for the common spaces and access ways, carefully supplied by Valley21 management team in the secure premises of the condominium.

Valley21 Vama Buzaului

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