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Being in love already about Romania together with a group of Romanian partners we discovered the municipality of Vama Buzaului, a rural community South East of Brasov, in the Transylvanian Carpathian Mountains, still untouched by the advancing development.


The base values of Vama Buzaului municipality are its nature amidst the Carpathian Mountains, its close and tight traditional community, its history and legacy of its Austro/Hungarian influenced past. Based on what we like to call the 4 main pillars off VALLEY21 project: Socioeconomic pillar, History of Traditions pillar, Architecture & Design Pillar and Ecological Pillar we came with the idea of this unique development.


Gerard Doedee, Mark Koops, Lucian Andrei and Horia Halmagi started this development adventure by founding the company Dalghias Development SRL, the name of the company being inspired by the quick and clean water of Dalghias River who cross the entire Valley.


On December 27th a joint venture contract is signed between Dalghias Development Srl and the municipality of Vama Buzaului. The main purpose of the joint venture is to develop a unique off-grid (no electricity mains connection) condominium of the 68Ha valley. A total of 68 villas are projected.


Part of the area will be reserved for the development of touristic and other facilities. It will distinguish itself through minimalist architecture with low impact on the environment, emphasizing the beauty and serenity of the surroundings. The introduction of durability concepts and the application of aspects of domotica will profile the villas as houses of the future. Vama Buzaului brings into the Joint venture 68 Ha’s of pristine land. This land is situated in a valley surrounded by forests. Dalghias Development Srl will manage the acquisition of required investment and the project development.


In parallel Dalghias Development Srl started a number of actions in order to help Vama Buzaului community to develop his own social economic development plan and strategy. The study leading to the social economic development plan will be conducted to establish, current base values, current state of the local economy, social and economic development opportunities. Vama Buzaului has distinct qualities which will be the foundation of the future, distinct qualities which deserve to be protected through a good governance against uncontrolled development.


Our Dutch architect Mendel Robbers started to work together with the Romanian architect party Agentia Sarbu Srl to develop the PUZ of the Valley21.


During August the PUZ was approved by the Local Council of Vama Buzaului.


Because of the new EU regulations regarding the meadow lands the Romanian Government forbade in May, through a law, any development on meadow lands. The rules was changed in the middle of the game, being very hard for our team and investors to find motivation to continue.


The nice people of Vama Buzaului and the fact that we started to become addicted of Vama Buzaului surroundings make us to not abandon our idea and to continue to work on the project hoping in a possible change of the law.


We started to develop the Masterplan. Luca Fornaroli, our young Italian architect, together with a Dutch Landscape and Urban Design company from Rotterdam called Stijlgroep, worked together at the first version of the Masterplan. We submitted the documentation in the end of the year together with the Graphic of Execution.


Because our PUZ was approved before the Government Law of 2013 we found in June 2014 that the Parliament give us the right to use again our meadow land for development.


Luca Fornaroli together with the Romanian architect Horatiu Radu worked together and managed to obtain the first building permit for the pilot house.


After a long winter in May we started to build SOLIS House, the house No.1 of Valley21.


We finished SOLIS House. We want to thanks to all our partners for this great achievement and we are waiting you to have a great experience being among first visitors of this fantastic house.

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