Water rush Valley21

Water rush Valley21

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The project „Valley21” in Vama Buzaului is designed to become entirely „off-grid”, to become its own sustainable community independent from the outside world for energy, water en waste water management. Water is abundant, it wells up in many places, but; which is the best, cleanest, most reliable source?

Mr Popica, the water expert of Vama Buzaului and co-owner of the local natural mineral water company

Mr Popica, the water expert of Vama Buzaului and co-owner
of the local natural mineral water company

One of the objectives of our last visit (16-19 November, 2014) to Vama Buzaului therefore was to investigate if our preferred scenario (having our own natural spring water) was realistic and feasible.

Under guidance of Ioan Popica, Vice Mayor of Vama Buzaului, some members of the Building the Future in Vama Buzaului team (Luca Fornaroli, Lucian Andrei, Gérard Doedée) went on expedition. Mr Popica is also director of the Local spring water factory in Vama Buzaului and knows every prospective area and therefore is our perfect ‘’water expert’’.

With Mr. Popica’s support we succeeded in our mission! After a few hours we found 3 springs! The water appeared of high quality and will supply more than sufficient water to fulfill our needs. The estimation of Mr. Popica was that the springs have an average capacity of at least 3 liter per second which is more than plentiful for just Valley21.

Next step is to organize a team of water specialist to do further studies on the quality (including laboratory tests) and quantity of water and how to process the water in a careful & sustainable way.

Water springs … as pure as the earth!

Water springs … as pure as the earth!

After an exciting and successful day, the team opened a good (and extra) bottle of wine to celebrate!

we will be reporting further on our quest for water, a quest that inspires as water lies at the very basis of life and connects us to the earth!

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