Owners’ Benefits


As owner inside Valley 21 Mountain Eco Tourism Resort, you will benefit both of a holiday home in the middle of nature as well as an investment that will bring you financial benefits when you are not around, without any involvement on your side.

We all want a holiday house but can’t help asking: Why invest in a house when I’m only going to be spending holidays there and, even more so, I will have to be constantly preoccupied about its maintenance, investing money and time on this direction?

Valley 21 is a unique project that comes to solve this dilemma and, even more, offers a profitable solution. In the following, we will present some of the main advantages about being an owner inside Mountain Eco Tourism Resort Valley 21:

  • The owner of the holiday house is both a beneficiary and a smart investor. One will spend his holidays in his Solis or Nobis mountain cottage and, in the other part of the time, Valley 21 will take care of everything that has to do with its rent/profit generation and maintenance;
  • How will we find tourists willing to spend vacations in Valley 21? To start with, there is already a good number of tourists charmed by Vama Buzaului and everything it represents: nature preserved, European Bison reservation and involvement in activities meant to repopulate the wilderness with lost species, Urlatoarea waterfall, Ciucas Mountains with their amazing paths hosting a great flora and the list could continue. Thanks to these actions and many more, starting with November 2018, Vama Buzaului obtained the status of Tourist Resort of local interest. Once the resort will take its next steps, tourists will be able to enjoy horse back rides, traditional food in the houses of the people that are preparing it and, when the snow will be here, horse drawn sleds;Valley 21 will also add a Leisure & Spa Center as well as designated marketing campaigns in order to attract a larger number of tourists while still preserving the local charm of this area;
  • What about the maintenance of the house? The second most beautiful part of this project, after the profit, of course, is that Valley 21 will take care of everything having to do with the resort and maintenance of the house. (house, resort, road, facilities etc.).

All you have to do is relax and enjoy your investment. Leave the details to us. 🙂

Valley21 Vama Buzaului

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