Why invest now in Valley 21?

Valley 21 it’s an innovative project which will contribute to the growth of the area of Vama Buzaului and will bring benefits both to the owners/investors and the community. The financial benefits of the first investors will be the highest as the prices keep on rising along with resort building the touristic grow of the area.

Brasov is the county with the highest numbers of tourists, in Romania, Vama Buzaului being the newest certified touristic area (November 2018). Considering this, Vama Buzaului will benefit of increased attention, especially being the village with the lowest people density per km2 in Romania.

Like in any project, the best prices are being offered to the ones that are joining first. Once the project advances, the value of the area along with the value of the project rises and so are the values of the properties involved.

Here are a few more reasons why the value of Valley 21, Vama Buzaului will grow in the future:

  • Developing of Vama Buzaului area throughout the implementation of the local development strategy of the municipality and designated marketing campaigns belonging to the investors of Valley 21;
  • Through Valley 21, we want to develop quality tourism that will allow for the traditions to be preserved and the environment to be conserved;
  • The Leisure & SPA inside Valley 21 is especially built for the tourists living inside the resort. Companies or tourists wishing to organize events here will also benefit of all the services available;
  • Brasov Airport, situated at approximately 60km away and expected to be ready in 2021, will also lead to an increase of the number of tourists and a certain increase upon the value of the investments in the entire area;
  • Building materials costs will increase directly proportional with the general evolution of costs in Romania therefore an increase in the general construction prices is a certain matter.

Valley21 Vama Buzaului

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