Project History


Eight years ago, a group of Romanian and Dutch investors met and talked about their shared passion on nature and its preservation. As many other Romanian and foreign people, they were fascinated by the great green landscapes, the mountains and the flora and fauna that can still be found in Transylvania. In the search of an area where the nature got kept untouched, the traditions maintained and with a local municipality and community willing to develop the area while still preserving its charm, the investors found Vama Buzaului.

This led to a joint-venture contract where the investors, reunited under the name of Valley 21 (the valley that brings the 21st century in the middle of nature) have assumed to build houses with traditional design and modern influences that will also follow the natural lines of the landscapes.

Some other reasons in picking the area of Vama Buzaului, for the project Valley 21, include:

  • Location untouched by the mass tourism, where the traditions are being kept for centuries;
  • Close to some of the most known touristic points of attraction in Transylvania: Brasov, the fortified fortresses and churches from Harman, Prejmer, Rasnov and Bran are only a few of them;
  • Actively involved in preserving the environment, Vama Buzaului is part of the project Rewilding Europe which’s purpose is bringing back to wilderness wild lost species or in the verge of disappearing. As part of this project, Vama Buzaului reintegrated in the wilderness the first 4 European Bison, in 2014.


Is being built the first concept house that also gets the Green Homes Certification from the Romanian Green Building Council.


Market and research studies are being held in order to determinate the type of project that will be developed.


The shareholders of Dalghias Development decide taking the first steps in order to achieve what’s necessary for building the Mountain Ecotourism Resort Valley21, Vama Buzaului.


Start of the marketing and sales process for the mountain cottages Nobis and Solis. Starting the construction of the first 9 units inside Valley 21.

Valley21 Vama Buzaului

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