Romania-Insider.com: Developing holiday homes at the foothills of the mountain in Romania

Romania-Insider.com: Developing holiday homes at the foothills of the mountain in Romania

Two Dutch investors are building a housing mountain resort with a wellness hotel in the middle of pristine nature in Romania…

Dutch investor Gerard Doedee started to search for land in Romania in 2007, when the country joined the EU.

The Dutch investors signed a public-private partnership with the local municipality of Vama Buzaului, and will invest some EUR 15 million in the development. “When we signed the joint venture with the municipality we attracted other investors from Holland to finance the project”, says Doedee.

Doedee doesn’t see Valley 21 as a real estate development, but as a project within a bigger development, within the location development of Vama Buzaului.

“(Vama Buzaului ) It’s a place that is very pristine, with a lot of values that at least in Western Europe you can’t find anymore. We created a vision about that area, we discussed with the municipality, we started a collaboration and a joint venture with a common objective, to make (an) eco-touristic destination over there”, he says.

The municipality and the Dutch investors want to create a low-density, but a high-quality agro-touristic destination.

The project draws on the concept of second homes or holiday homes, which is not very popular in Romania yet. However, Gerard Doedee is confident that Romanians will take a liking for this type of projects, either for living in them or for renting them. He expects that about 60% of the buyers will be Romanians and 40% will be internationals.

Doedee believes that there won’t be any gap between the village itself where farmers live and Valley 21, that will be a sort of high-class, gated community. The project will help the area develop, he says. “When you market the location and is well-known, tourists come, so other investors will also come to start a bar or another type of business”.

Excerpts from the article published on Romania-Insider.com

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