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Gérard Doedeé

Managing Partner


Biography ↷

Since 1984 my professional life has taken place within the context of organizational / leadership & Human Resources Development. After my study I fulfilled several positions in this field at international enterprises like Fokker Aircraft, Fuji Photo Film, Vodafone and France Telecom / Casema. In the last 10 years of this career I was deeply involved in several mergers and acquisitions of companies.

Always with a strong business orientation: fascinated and driven by creating coherence between different stakeholders and cultures towards a common desired future state (or ambition). Aligning and strengthening organizational capabilities by leadership & talent development, connecting people!

In 2007 I started my own consultancy company and investments in Real Estate, Tourism and Hospitality, especially in Brazil, Italy, Spain and Romania. I have a passion for beautiful places, places where original values are still preserved, people values, ecological values. Places very close to new market developments, market developments that can strongly support the creation of value. My first visit to Romania was “love at first sight”. I encountered beautiful nature and people and attractive business opportunities (emerging market within EU context). Together with my Dutch and 2 Romanian business partners we founded DD and started our project Eco Resort Valley 21, supported by a small group of Dutch investors. This in a close and long term collaboration with the people of Vama Buzaului. Together WE ARE BUILDING THE FUTURE IN VAMA BUZAULUI.


Lucian Andrei

Managing Partner

Biography ↷

Lucian studied Law and International Relations at Bucharest University from 1995 until 1999; from his graduation in 2000 he started to work as legal adviser for a big construction company. Feeling more attracted by commercial work and being very much a people person Lucian turned his career to consultancy.

Lucian is now a business and management consultant, helping mostly international clients, who find strategic interest in Romania, set up their business in and establishing themselves on the local Romanian markets. His main area of expertise is legal and financial consulting associated to construction, including being an intermediary to Romanian construction firms.

Since I started working on Valley21 – Vama Buzaului project I have identified myself with the Building the Future in Vama Buzaului concept and I am working under the umbrella of Building the Future in Vama Buzaului. Why Building the Future in Vama Buzaului? I can explain. I am a Romanian citizen and I love my country. I want to build prosperity for the future of my children. I want to build prosperity using modern and innovative methods. I like to use new technology. But also, when I leave my office or my apartment, I like to find my country, Romania, as I always knew, always green, an endless garden of the Carpathians in which ordinary people are ready to welcome you with their hearts.


Luca Fornaroli



Biography ↷

Luca studied Architecture from 2006 to 2012 at the University of “Aldo Rossi”, Cesena: architectonic design, city-planning, restoration and energy certification.

Luca graduated cum summa laude in 2012 with a 110L/110 score – the highest achievable. He was trained in important Dutch firms like DeZwarteHond and Stijlgroep.

Luca participate with his vision in  projects and competitions in Italy, Romania, Brazil and Spain. Since his graduation he was involved in VALLEY21 project. His bones are made with this project and now is guiding the overall architectural


Horia Halmagi

Sales Manager


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