Valley21 – SOLIS House – Construction underway

Valley21 – SOLIS House – Construction underway

As we are planning for the second public debate with the people of Vama Buzăului on 18 October 2015 in the town hall, let’s not forget that we have a Joint Venture project with Vama Buzăului to develop an ‘’eco touristic complex’’ that we call Valley21.

http://www.building-the-future.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Valley21 with EarthHouses Type II

Valley21 – with SOLIS HOUSE

Valley21 is to place Vama Buzăului ‘’on the map’’ as a location for the international traveler to find the quality peace of pastoralism, Transylvanian legacy and way of life, harmony with nature, old qualities that have become extinct elsewhere.

Valley21 is a place to live and experience this through ecologically sustainable houses, TERRA and SOLIS that will sleep 4 to 8 people depending on the number of bedrooms. All in the middle of ancient meadows where the sheep and shepherds still roam, where nomadic dairy farmers can be your neighbor, until they move onwards once again. Where at night the wolves can be heard or where the bears form shadows in the night.

Valley21 - EarthHouse Type I

Valley21 – TERRA HOUSE

Interior of EarthHouse Type II

Interiors of SOLIS HOUSE

Interiors of EarthHouse Type I

Interiors of TERRA HOUSE

Valley21 will have a ‘’hospitality center’’ a high essential-quality place where one can drink a cappuccino, have a bite to eat, or read a book, with feet dangling in a brook. Wellness and mindfulness, sensing every second of life, soul invigorating sensations, a luxury that one must treat oneself to, at occasions, for a short or longer break, away from the teeming life that we lead.

Area of the Hospitality Center

Area of the Hospitality Center – the Essence of Being

And yes, we have started, we have started to build SOLIS HOUSE with 3 bedrooms.

Building something, finally, something that was just an idea at one point and remained paper for a long while for all the architectural design and technical design work that needs to be done, the paper work for the permits, the licenses to build…then the construction, a dream coming true, is … exhilarating…

Lucian Andrei is a happy camper

Lucian Andrei is a happy camper … finally towards realization!

Watch a proud Lucian Andrei, partner in the initiative with Vama Buzăului, partner in the Valley21 Joint Venture and construction supervisor, be the first to enter the house from the roof as the concrete just hardened sufficiently. The roof will be covered by earth and it will become nature again, providing the best thinkable summer and winter isolation, substantially reducing the energy needs and enhancing the comfort of the house…

Lucian Andrei construction supervisor

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