Valley 21 - The essence of quality!

Your piece of the mountain ecotourism resort,

Vama Buzaului.

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Valley 21!

The essence of quality!

Valley 21comes with an original concept, also known abroad as park or shared ownership. What does it mean? It means you invest your money in a holiday cottage. Since you're only using it for holidays, in the spared time, we will make sure that this house will bring your investment back to you.

In the first newsletter, we told you about Valley 21, Vama Buzaului and the infinite green landscape that is just waiting for you to visit, relax and reconnect.

This time, we offer an exclusive view upon the houses that will populate the area.

Because we value our friendships, we decided for the first images to be available only to you. Furthermore, at this point, you will be the first to have access to any supplementary info you might need, including prices. 

Here are our  cozy cottages, SOLIS and NOBIS!

NOBISis the house where you can relax but also share memorable experiences with people like you. Built as a duplex, you can enjoy it sharing with your family or with your close friends. Nobis is a duplex with a special charm, a place where the natural light and the sky become an integral part of its environment. A house where you will fall asleep smiling and wake up every day rested and feeling excited about being in Valley 21 Resort!

Nobis. The duplex of your dreams. Valley 21

The buyer has the guarantee that starting now and looking into the future, the value of the project will grow. Transylvania is a famous holiday destination in Europe, and investing in the newest certified touristic area situated here, is definitely one of the smartest and reliable things you can do now.

SOLISis the house that based on its cohesive design, in accordance to the day /night cycles, ensures that its inhabitants enjoy the full advantages of having sunlight throughout the day. Solis is a reinterpretation of the traditional local houses, to which the bold architecture and the straight lines of Northern European architecture integrates harmoniously.

Solis, Your family vacation house. Valley 21

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