10th of September 2016: Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra plays on Valley21

10th of September 2016: Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra plays on Valley21

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Dear friend of ”Building the Future in Vama Buzăului”

You are invited to a unique event in Vama Buzăului Eco-Resort – Valley 21 on 10th September 2016: An open-air concert by The Philharmonic Orchestra of Brasov in the pastoral meadows of Valley 21. Amongst other inspiring pieces you will be able to enjoy the Romanian Rhapsody.


More details on the program will be available soon, but in principle the event will start at noon and will consist of a reception and a chance to see the first unique eco-house that we have built.

The model Valley21 house, a collaboration and Joint Venture with the Vama Buzaului, has been completed and you have the first opportunity to check it out, in a great atmosphere.
You will discover why Valley 21 is the community you have to be part of. We are looking for a new generation that is in control of the 21st century today, holding influential positions and with the mind, creativity and drive to make a difference. Great minds that

this is just a render ... but on 16th July you can visit it...

this is just a render, but on 10th September you can visit it…

produce great ideas live in a healthy body, live with a soul at peace with itself.

People will come and enjoy the concert sitting up the hill but we also also have ”VIP” seetings, you can apply for this, but you need to show your special interest in Vama Buzăului and the unique project and joint venture ”Valley21”

We hope you can come; for our planning we kindly ask you for a confirmation and information about any dietary requirements you and your guests may have. You can do that simply by filling out this form.

If you know of other people who would love to be there, you are welcome to recommend and we will do our best to accommodate them as part of the VIP party.

More information on the exact program will follow. In the meantime, please check our website.

This event is organised by Dălghiaș Development, the company that made Valley 21 possible.

Best regards and we hope to see you there!
Building the Future in Vama Buzăului

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