Assignment to the Architect for the Valley21 Dwellings

Assignment to the Architect for the Valley21 Dwellings

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Valley21 – giving new meaning to luxury. Luxury not as in extravagance, but luxury as in living the essence of qualities.

The buyer is a new generation that is in control of the 21st century today, holding influential positions and has the mind, creativity and drive to make a difference. They have a new sense of communality away from the individuality that has increasingly reigned the world over the last decades, a sense of shared responsibility within the society they live in, within the family they foster and love. The new responsibility is towards people, is towards nature, an acute sense of awareness that we are living in a delicate ecological balance on our mother ship, the earth. Great minds that produce great ideas live in a healthy body, live with a soul that is at peace with itself.

They live quality lives and understand the essence of the word quality. Quality fulfils a purpose that feeds essentials for the mind for the body for the soul, qualities can be a luxury, but qualities are never senseless.

Valley21 holds the values that they live for. Valley21 is a shared space with a community of likeminded people, where they can seek privacy in their homes with their family, or take part in the community of owners to share good time or share common governance over the space of their haven, Valley21.

Valley21 is the symbolic connection between the frantic 21st century life and the essence of life in a pastoral community rooted in pristine undisturbed nature. One can dine international cuisine in Brasov, be amongst the wolves a short while later, at the same time being part of a delicate community that survived centuries of change; that has preserved values that have become extinct elsewhere, through the community of Vama Buzaului.

The market age group is 35 to 55.

Valley21 is a shared living space with individually owned dwellings. Valley 21 provides

– A secluded space, sheltered by natural features of landscape and of tree lines and forests
– Views on old park like hilly landscape with natural outlook posts for dwellings
– Is open to that what formed the landscape, shepherds with their herds still graze.
– Connects to hill and mountain walks and mountain bike tracks
– Provides a context that feeds the soul through serenity
– Feeds the mind through an acute understanding of our place in ecology and community
– Contains sports facilities like tennis, swimming pool, put and pitch
– Contains secluded pick nick areas for precious moments of family intimacy or time with friends.


– The architecture is a part of Valley21, it is an extra element, but it has a strong sense of belonging, as if the soil itself has grown the dwellings
– The Valley21 architecture is unique, because Valley21 is unique
– The dwellings are dispersed or grouped over Valley21 as if they sought their own habitat and micro ecology, very much like seeds of plants will do.
– The dwellings have found their habitat in undulations or huddled against the forest as if they are a bit shy and respectful of the delicacy of the Valley.

The dwellings

– Floor space, excluding terrace 110m2: extendable up to 150m2 (extra bedrooms or extension to living area)
– Living area that integrates with the dining area with some level of segregation between the 2: approx. Total of 40m2
– Separate kitchen
– 2 sleeping rooms, optionally 1 or 2 more up to total floor space of 150m2
– 2 bathrooms, one which includes a toilet for common use.
– Sauna optional
– Storage room

The living area

– The living area is where is being lived in all aspects of activities of the day time, it intelligently transits from ‘’inside’’ to optionally the ‘’outside’’ when weather permits or demands.
– Especially the dining and kitchen area is at the interface between ‘’inside’’ and ‘’outside’’. On a beautiful evening or morning one cooks and dines with a breeze of nature, one breakfasts with the sounds of awakening birds.
– The living area contains a snooze area where one can curl up to read a poem of Mihai Eminescu or the latest suspense thriller, books that stand pride in the library corner. One can watch the Untouchables just downloaded through broadband on the built in high definition audio visual centre.


– The dwellings will be built using durable technologies, the most visible and imposing of these technologies is the photo voltaic equipment and panels. For the panels 2 options are proposed: 1) to integrate the panels as a part of the architecture 2) to create external PV centre feeding a number of houses. If this option is chosen the PV assembly point needs to be an architectural feature itself.
– As much as possible local material is used
– The dwellings have 2 parking spaces, out of sight
– The dwellings location and architecture allow for optimal privacy
– Dwellings have a low maintenance garden of 400m2
– There is a terrace and BBQ place
– Positioning of dwelling and windows such to make optimal use of sightlines and connectivity to the natural features of the Valley.
– Architecture and construction needs to take into account heavy snowfall
– Architecture and construction needs to take into account high summer temperatures and low winter temperatures (max range -30 to + 40) requiring passive and active climate control.

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