Building the Future in Vama Buzaului

Building the Future in Vama Buzaului

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In the coming time you will see regular updates and storytelling in our planning towards our August public event in Vama Buzaului, Brasov County, Transylvania. We have not made the very final decision, but it will most likely be the 22nd of August, so maybe you sketch this date into your agenda!

In the coming months we will tell about the past of this initiative, how this all started, already quite some time back in time … why Vama Buzaului… and we will tell what are our ambitions are with Vama Buzaului … for its future and the future of its people.

In my previous post I told you about the Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra playing George Enescu’s ”Romanian Rhapsody” in the meadows where flocks of sheep have roamed for centuries. However, there will be more, we will hold a reception in the field … hopefully the August Weather Gods will be with us. We will have room for 250 ”VIP” invites, of whom half will be invites from within the community, and about half will be ‘’outsiders’’ who we hope will become insiders … However, you can also listen to the concert from an opposing slope.

Most importantly however, there will be a public presentation and discussion about our initiative with the community, right there, in the meadows of ‘’Valley21’’, the location of our first project.

So we started with Valley21, where we began to construct the first villa, but we would like to carry on … once we have created a name in the market for this uniquely situated locality, between the rich relics and monuments of the legacy of Transylvania at the very borders of ancient empires, going as far back is the Dacians and Romans, close to the modern city life of Brasov and at the border of the deep ecology of the Carpathian Mountain Range where wolves, lynxes and bears still roam freely of Natura 2000 ROSCI0038

This is in close collaboration with the municipality, through the mayor and the council and directly with the people of Vama Buzaului, it is their village, we are merely guests.

This is about durability, building a durable future for people based on their precious assets of the local ecology and local culture … we need to take care of these assets …

Stay posted …


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