Dalghias Development SRL and Vama Buzaului Sign Joint Venture Contract

Dalghias Development SRL and Vama Buzaului Sign Joint Venture Contract

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On December 27th 2010 a joint venture -contract was signed between Dalghias Development Srl and the municipality of Vama Buzaului, a rural community South East of Brasov, in the Transylvanian Carpathian mountains, Romania. The object of this Joint Venture is the development of a 68 Ha „pristine valley”.

 The project will be developed according to the concept of Building the Future in Vama Buzaului.

The base values of the municipality are its nature amidst the Carpathian Mountains, its close and tight traditional community, its history and legacy of its Austro/Hungarian influenced past. The municipality is still untouched by the advancing development of Romania in the region of Brasov.

The project is  staged in 2 parallel tracks. The first track is the development of a, unique, off-grid (no electricity mains connection) condominium on 48Ha of the 68Ha valley. A total of 60 villas are projected. The remainder of the 68 Ha (20 Ha) will be reserved for the development of touristic and other facilities. It will distinguish itself through minimalistic architecture, emphasizing the beauty and serenity of the surroundings.

The introduction of  durability concepts and the application of aspects of domotica will profile the villas as houses of the future.

Vama Buzaului brings into the Joint venture 68 Ha’s of land. This land situated in a valley-bowl surrounded by forests. Dalghias Development Srl. Will manage the acquisition of required investment and the project development.

The second track of the  project is the co-development of a social economic development plan for the municipality of Vama Buzaului.

The study leading to the social economic development plan will be conducted to establish, current base values, current state of the local economy, social and economic development opportunities.

The study and establishment of the plan will be carried out by a cluster of enterprises, knowledge institutes, local government, universities (Dutch and Romanian) and other parties

The plan will be owned by Vama Buzaului, it will form the basis for further investment opportunities in Vama Buzaului.

It will also be the basis to provide a good governance over the development of Vama Buzaului. Governance will be needed to protect nature against uncontrolled development.

Vama Buzaului has distinct qualities which will be the foundation of the future, distinct qualities which deserve to be protected.

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