Do you want to earn a free ticket for Tudor Gheorghe?

Do you want to earn a free ticket for Tudor Gheorghe?

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The 18th of October is getting closer … and the banners are up!

On this day we are representing in the Town Hall of Vama Buzăului, to the mayor of Vama Buzaului Tiberiu Chirilaş, to the Council of Vama Buzăului and to the People of Vama Buzăului an ecologic and social economic report of Vama Buzaului in the context of the opportunities that this could bring to the community through a 3-way collaboration, People, Government, Private Enterprise.

The objective is not to just present … but it is rather to receive feedback by the community. This is the second engagement of this type in Vama Buzaului to ultimately come to a plan that is approved by the council in 2016.

We will be inviting 150-200 people from the village, we are inviting 50-100 interested people to attend from ”outside”, interested people from tourist organizations, hospitality organizations, people representing ecology, cultural and general historical legacy interests and we are inviting investors and possible sponsors. There will be more posts, so keep following me …

The day will have 2 parts: the presentations and discussions and thereafter, in the evening, Tudor Gheorghe will perform.

Do you want to earn a ticket to this event? Well, here is a quiz:

On the map you see the location where we placed the banners, there are 3 banners and they are not the same.

Bradet Map

For the first 3 people that will send me:

The correct names of the 3 animals represented on the 3 bill boards and a brief explanation why you would like to attend the event.

We will reserve 6 tickets, one for you, one for your spouse. You can try to guess the names … for those who live near Brasov can go and have a look … its a 35 minute drive …

or try to zoom into the fotos …

bilboard2 bilboard3 billboard1



Have fun … talk to you soon …

Cu Stima, best regards, vriendelijke groeten,

Building the Future Team in Vama Buzaului

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