Friends News Letter March 2014

Friends News Letter March 2014

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Dear Friend of Building the Future in Vama Buzaului,

Building the Future in Vama Buzaului takes to the sky!
We have recently bought a Phantom Drone for aerial photography and videos. It is equipped with a GoPro video/photo camera that is widely used in the sports to capture views from the perspective of the sportsmen/women in action; in combination an amazing piece of equipment. The drone is very easy to navigate because it is GPS steered, but it does requires some learning in handling …

Building the Future in Vama Buzaului starts developments in ‘’quality spaces’’. The drone will help us show the quality space from the most dramatic angle, from the sky.

The technical design of the first house for Valley21 is progressing

On the 10th of February 2014 our Romanian teamrepresented by Lucian Andrei and Horatiu Radu (http://www.ramart.ro/) visited the office of our partners de Stijlgroep (who made the creative designs for the Valley21 dwellings) for a handover meeting. Horatiu and Lucian will take up the wand from the Stijlgroep and develop the technical designs from the creative designs and start the application processes for various permits to construct.

Horatiu is very much into sustainability. Horatiu and Lucian will be working closely together with the Romania Green Building Council to ensure durability from various pertinent aspects. Ultimately to apply for the green building certificate, the Green Homes Certificate.

Progress is good – we are still targeting a mid-2014 start of construction.


Making sense of Domotica

Building The Future in Vama Buzaului is studying deeply the fascinating world of domotica. Domotica is ‘’home automation’’ like technology supported energy management, or switching on heating from your iPad before you arrive.

Intelligent technologies are being made available, more affordable and small and big companies are investing much energy in this technology domain.

This is a market in extreme evolution, but not everything makes sense, what is of real value, what are gimmicks?
In general, the offering seems varied, complicated, confused and the potential of the integration between internet,devices, energy grids and buildings are not totally exploited, there is no overall vision wrapped into one concept.

We think that the first unit of a smart city is a smart house, where efficiency and comfort are steered directly by a digital brain that is able to understand and interpret the users´ demands in conjunction with environmental information like actual weather conditions, other relevant information and even neural learning.

A simple local weather station could be coupled to the brain of the house, temperature, wind direction and precipitation. It could be coupled to internet weather forecast information.

Domotica like a living organism, self-contained, connected and at the service of mankind…
This will be possible only if these systems will be user friendly, simple and intuitive.

Luca Fornaroli has adopted this challenge to develop this ultimate home-brain and interface to make domotica work to truly increase quality of life.

More to follow … stay tuned …

Vama Buzaului visit 20 – 22 March 2014

On 20 and 21 March we will be visiting Vama Buzaului with 2 new investors who will be investing in phase 2A2 of the Valley21 project. Phase 2A2 ends with permits to construct the first Valley21 (display) villa.

Permits are planned to be in place in August of this year

Of course we will use the occasion for aerial photography and videoing with the Building the Future in Vama Buzaului Drone … and we hope to share spectacular areal footage with you soon!

More to follow after our visit …

With many thanks and best regards
The Building the Future in Vama Buzaului Team

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