Meeting in Vama Buzaului Analysis

Meeting in Vama Buzaului Analysis

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Date: 17 September.
Duration: 6 hours.
Location: Casa Bradet guesthouse, Vama Buzaului area.
Participants: Horia Halmagi/ Lucian Andrei/ Christian Messing/ Luca Fornaroli/ Tiberiu Chirilas (Mayor of Vama Buzaului)

Our prime objective was to get Mr. Chirilas’s positive feedback for the latest concepts and drawings made by Luca and Stijlgroep. Further, it was important to update Mr. Chirilas with the outcome of the meeting we had the previous day at ROGBC headquarter. Not the least, each time we meet Mr. Chirilas in Vama Buzaului, we feed the good spirit and the confidence of the local government in our project.

Christian and Luca have presented the architectural ‘news’. Regarding the exterior look, Mr. Chirilas was open for the new designs, he is looking forward to see the texture and the shape of the outside materials as he expect a more traditional feeling. Further, he was impressed by the slide with the Mini’s and the idea of personalizing each house by adding features based on a standard product. On the other hand, he likes the concept of a flexible shape (the trout house) due to the two volumes each house is made of. The most interesting part of the discussion was when Christian presented the ‘hospitality center’. He likes the agora feeling of the center, like a central plaza of a old city. He also likes the idea of a dual center, for both Vama Buzaului and V21 and to use this for local events and for promoting/advertising the village and the local products/services.
This started a inspiring discussion about what and how Vama Buzaului should advertise, we stated a brainstorming were Christian was asked to provide a instant marketing solution for the 5 most important assets of Vama Buzaului.
Not the least, we used this opportunity to update Mr. Chirilas with what we have concluded one day before at RoGBC in Bucharest.
Luca and Christian have received from Mr. Chirilas a presentation book about Buzau area (lncluded Vama Buzaului), the result of a EU funded project.

It was a pleasant meeting with nice moments too as a nice session of Anglo – Romanian jokes or general life discussion, everything assisted by delicious local cuisine and the famous domestic wines.

As a conclusion, we consider that we have fulfilled and even exceeded the objectives of this meeting.

24 September 2013

Horia Halmagi

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