Start meeting the press

Start meeting the press

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The Valley21 project in Vama Buzaului is now starting to show physical evidence of progress through the actual start of the construction of a first house and the construction of a road in Valley21


We have over time communicated with the people of Vama Buzaului through its mayor Tiberiu Chirilaş, its council and through the school, but we haven’t yet spoken directly formally to the population (3500) of Vama Buzaului, about the intent and objective of the Valley21 project, as an important aspect of the Vama Buzaului community development initiative. We now are planning to directly address the population of Vama Buzaului and are planning to go ‘’public’’ about the initiative through the media.


On the 22nd of February 2015 we are planning a ‘’town hall meeting’’ at the town hall facilities of Vama Buzaului, this planning takes place of course together with Mr. Chirilaş and the council.

The purpose of the town hall meeting is to start a 2-way dialogue with the people of Vama Buzaului through public communication and debates. The town hall has the facilities to seat 250 people, which will be close to 10% of the population and should reach 100% of the households.

We are also seeking the start of attention of the public media, press, radio, television, nationally in Romania but also internationally for a coverage of the developments over the coming years and hopefully decades, as we are moving this unique initiative forward.

To this end we had a meeting with Herbert Gruenwald (ARD-Hörfunk- und Fernsehstudio für Südosteuropa (Bayerischer Rundfunk), based in Bucharest) on 23 January in Bucharest.

Herbert Gruenwald and Camelia

Herbert Gruenwald, reporter at ARD-Hörfunk- und Fernsehstudio für Südosteuropa meeting me in Café Verona, Bucharest.

We discussed the people oriented nature of the initiative, to empower a community to have control over a destiny with higher prosperity in the context of creating a ‘’brand’’ for their village Vama Buzaului: The Village between City Life and the Wolves, to attract high quality tourists who appreciate the culture and legacy of Transylvanian pastorality amidst the unique nature of the Carpathian Mountain range with the largest population of wolves, bears and lynxes west of Moskou in Europe. The initiative is to demonstrate that people prosperity can live in symbiosis with nature, that there is a new future possible for the way that we live.

The initiative in Vama Buzaului coincides with an energy project, the Solar Energy Autarkic House a concept that derives energy, summer and winter for heating and electrical appliances out of one source, the sun, and make this source and energy owned by people. This Energy Autarkic House will be unique in the world.

We believe that Herbert liked our story. We invited him to our event on the 22nd of February where will start our direct engagement with the people of Vama Buzaului in the mentioned town hall meeting that will be concluded with some Romanian and Dutch foods and drinks so to also be prepared for the Orthodox Easter fasting that commences on the following day ☺.

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