Valley21 preview video

Valley21 preview video

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What do the dwellings of V21 look like, from outside and inside, in their natural setting, what sense do they give? Is there enough privacy? Is there a nice covered spot to be outside? If the effective energy demand will be higher than the expected where will we encrease the Photo Voltaic capacity? How will we integrate  this harmoniously  into the landscape?

From initial design to viable realisation is a multidimensional process, all dimensions affecting each other in unexpected ways. How does one keep this design process coherent so that it stays true to the original Idea?

The network of Building The Future in Vama Buzaului increases every day. More and more professionals put their efforts into the Valley21 project. Interior designers, 3D virtual reality specialists, off-grid professionals, solar energy technology providers … The need to share and to have a common vision, becomes a more  fundamental need every day, we, as a team, have the responsibility to make something special and coherent.

One can create hundreds of documents, or one can make a single visual sequence of the project projected within the landscape, showing the impact of design on landscape, guarding the harmony, giving a sense of the emotions of ‘’being there and living the Valley21 space’’ will induce,  a visual sequence, or video, is a binding tool to see if we are still true to the Brand of Vama Buzalui and the Brand of Valley21.

So we created this video to tell about the project in the most artistic and light way.

In the video you land on the site, gliding and exploring its open spaces. You enter the living room from where you can not avoid to admire the landscape and actually become part of it. The sun gives energy to the PV pergolas that at the same time create areas where one can be socially together. Time passes, it becomes dark, best time to appreciate the interior warmth of the house, from the fireplace to the bedrooms … until the last rush into the night.

Everything accompanied from the beginning until the end by a extraordinary music, “The Blue Danube”, waltz by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss II.

A classic masterpiece, part of the collective imagination, deeply connected with Valley21 project. This music talks to us about the past, the present and the future at the same time.

Starting superficially with the title, the Danube, or Donau in german and Dunărea in Romanian is the cultural vein that connects the populations, from the springs of the Black Forest until its Delta in Romania. The same connection we can find in the  germanic origins of Brasov area.

Same story for the original lyrics, an invitation to join with happiness the life, the nature and the people’s peace.

Last but not the least. The piece was prominently used in the Stanley Kubrick film „2001: A Space Odyssey„. The cinematic eternal masterpiece about the future of the humanity and its evolutionary momentum.

An homage to Kubrick, Strauss, Building The Future in Vama Buzaului network especially all our Romanian friends and the citizens of Vama Buzaului.

All people who, with us, are trying to achieve the goal to build a better future for everybody.

So this video is dedicated to all who contributed and will contribute so the video also constitutes a thanks to all

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