Valley21: Switching Gears!

Valley21: Switching Gears!

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With participation by Jan Graumans to the Valley21 project we are now switching gears to aim for first construction in 2014!

Valley21 consists of condominium, leisure center and ultimately a hotel on a total 68 Ha in a pastoral valley, close to city life of Brasov, in the midst of Transylvanian history, on the verge of the Famed Carpathian wildlife, a wildlife to enjoy, as importantly to protect. The architectural work is contracted to the Stijlgroep (www.stijlgroep.nl). Christian Messing of the Stijlgroep will be leading an architectural team consisting of our associate architect Luca Fornaroli, supported by the Romania Green Building Council and a local Romanian architect – Horatiu Radu. This design process will lead to a detailed master plan, including the design of the individual dwellings. In 2014 we will start the construction of a first ‘’display’’ house. This house will be based on the principles of the „Green Homes”. In parallel we will be starting a market study to ensure marketability by calibrating the house with Romanian market qualifiers including size and price balance, whilst differentiating the dwellings though a unique design and concept to enable off-plan selling of the 60 planned units.

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