Video reports of public meeting: Building the Future of Vama Buzaului

Video reports of public meeting: Building the Future of Vama Buzaului

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The English transcript of the speech held by mayor Tiberiu Chirilaş, addressing the people of Vama Buzaului on the 22nd of February, can be found below. This relates to the public engagement with the people of Vama Buzaului and the community development initiative with Building the Future. More news about this very succesful day will be published in the coming days.

Luca Fornaroli – Associate Architect of Building the Future – presenting Valley21 Project

Public debate after the presentations

Tiberiu Chirilas, Vama Buzaului, 22 February 2015:


tibi-speaking_1I would like to thank you for answering our invitation to join us today in this public meeting. This meeting aims at introducing you a project for which we’ve been working several years. Actually my first meeting with Mark Koops happened, if I am not wrong, at the end of 2007 – the beginning of 2008. But I believe it must have been the end of 2007 though.



tibi-speaking_2When Horia first came to me, I sent him to the Vice-Mayor. I don’t know what actually happened during this meeting because none of you told me. Horia kept calling me ever since. He used to say: “I am with the Dutch investors in Brasov. Can we please fix a meeting?” I remembered him from previous discussions. In the end, I remember I was with my wife driving to Poiana Brasov, I stopped the car, and they invited us in a meeting room. And guess what I saw on a screen right in front of the room: the New York Times with an article about Vama Buzaului. Wow, I thought to myself, here we are in a famous journal and I didn’t even know about it. Here we are in the international media. It was only later that I realized that this was actually a scenario Mark has thought in order to tell me that Vama Buzaului, with all its qualities really deserves to get on the first page of the international newspapers. This is how it will be promoted and emphasized its beauty. That was the beginning of the project. Now let me tell you what I thought and why I have accepted this collaboration. First of all, the village of Vama Buzaului was not really known 10-11 years ago.



tibi-speaking_3I had to think of a project which can promote our village. Why? Because we truly deserve this. We have all reasons for that. And Mark, our partner, actually our friend because we already know each other for so long shall describe them even better. We do have what it takes: first of all these amazing natural beauty which was offered to us by God. We have managed to preserve this village still pristine, not influenced by this development rush; we managed to preserve this place clean.



tibi-speaking_4One of the greatest assets of village Vama Buzaului might be you, the people who live in this village. One of our guests said that we are special. It’s true – you can find beautiful places all around this country. We are not the best from this point of view. But we, the people, can make the difference. And we actually do that at the level of village Vama Buzaului.



I would like to share with you the progress of this project, but quite briefly, because Mark will present this in images and he will tell you more about the relation we have developed so far all the phases we have been through till this moment of the project. It is called an “Eco-touristic mountain complex Valley 21 – Vama Buzaului”. This is the name of the project. It will be developed in Dalghias Valley (we all know where that is). The surface of this project is 68 hectares.



tibi-speaking_5Now, here, we take a huge responsibility, both myself and our partners because we are promoting this project and if we do so, it needs to be turned into reality. I do not want you to come and tell me that this project remained in a project phase. Because we’ll see from the detailed description of the project that it is quite a difficult one, it costs a lot of money. Of course it brings us advantages. And I believe we all know which these advantages are.

I want both us and our Dutch partners to understand that we need to take this project to an end and make it happen.



tibi-speaking_6The land still belongs to the village of Vama Buzaului. I can still remember our first meeting when I said that I agree to enter this partnership, but we are not going to sell our lands.



At the end of 2010 we signed this contract. Those moments were really exciting because we have been negotiating for more than 2 years already. Everybody was satisfied with the negotiations of the contract terms. You might even remember our partners who are here today and who were present at that moment, as well. You can even see them in the brochures. They also participated to the Carols’ Night at that time and I thought to myself: “So help us God!” We started this trip together. The first step was the approval of the Zonal Urbanistic Plan for that area, in Dalghias Valley. This plan was approved by the County Council Brasov, by the Local Council, having all necessary approvals, and there was some money spent for that purpose. As we speak, the investors have already spent money in this. Important amounts of money have been spent. And of course this makes us believe that this is a healthy project; it’s already been started and we can’t go back anymore. And last year they have started building the first house.



tibi-speaking_7You are the first who need to get acquainted in detail with this project. And that is because it happens here, in Vama Buzaului. And only then we’ll promote it at national and international level.





This is an ecological project; we only agreed to its development under the conditions in which it does not affect the environment. As far as I understand, all the constructions will be green, they will even be certified as such – you probably know what this is about. All the materials they will be using will be green as well, meaning ecological constructions. They will be using labour force from Vama Buzaului. This was one of my special requests. The company with foreign shareholders with which we have concluded the contract – SC DALGHIAS DEVELOPMENT SRL has its head office in Vama Buzaului. Why? So we can keep all the taxes and fees in our village. This was the right thing to do.



tibi-speaking_8I pray to God that this project turns into reality. Because it’s quite clear that it can only bring advantages to us, the people in Vama Buzaului. Moreover, our partners are thinking of development and promotion solutions not only for the project, in an isolated way, but for the entire village of Vama Buzaului. They even want to create a brand called Vama Buzaului to promote us as a village. This is important – the fact they didn’t only wanted to do their business, but to take into consideration the interests of the entire community. It is great to find such a partner to work with. But I am always right when I say that God rewards us depending on the way we are. The better, the nicer a person is, the best thinks shall happen to that person.

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